Sponsorship opportunities at UkTechReviews.com

We currently review for the following companies

* Sennheiser
* Hauppauge
* CyberLink
* Olloclip
* Sir Lancelots Armor
* eBeam
* Toshiba
* FUZE Binary
* Ryan Teck
* Foscam

Like many YouTube Tech bloggers we have started small and have grown bigger over the last 2 years.

Our current studio kit includes:

* Cannon EOS 70D DSLR Camera
* Rotolight sound and lighting kit
* LED PAR can studio lighting
* MacBook Air (Early 2012 model, 2GB, 11")

Current projects include:

* Reviewing products for the companies above
* Developing resources and project work for the Raspberry Pi for use in schools.
* Raspberry Pi project iBook on Apple iBook store
* Prayer diary app in the Apple app store

So where next for us?

We love what we do and want to continue doing it well. We are pleased with the number of companies that are using us to review products and we love developing resources for the Raspberry Pi.

UKTR is a hobby and is currently run as 'not for profit' but obviously does have cost associated with web hosting. With the changes to YouTube / Google Ads last year we have seen this income shrink. Last November we upgraded our camera gear to the Canon EOS 70D which cost over £1200 but we now feel we are in a position where we need to upgrade our core computer equipment as a 2012 2GB MacBook Air is not really adequate for the job of editing so much HD video.

We are therefore looking for new sponsorship for the blog. We are not necessarily looking for cash but for longer term support to develop further our work (although we are looking to upgrade to a 21.5-inch: 2.9GHz iMac)

If this is something you would like to support please get in touch here.

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