StopMotion Studio 4.0

Stopmotion Studio 4.0 from honestech

Many thanks to honestech for sending me a copy of Stop Motion Studio 4.0 to review.

You can create stop motion in so many different ways from modelling clay, posing action figures and using your own drawings. Stopmotion Studio 4.0 enables you to simply capture images, add sound and other effects, edit and produce very effective stop frame movies.

Key features

  • Onionskin - preview the previous screen (fully controllable)
  • Chroma key - using either a green or blue screen add your own backgrounds
  • Add your own sound effects and audio recordings
  • HD support up to 1920 x 1080
  • Ability to connect HD webcam, camcorder or DSLR
  • Support for Cannon and Nikon DSLR with Live View support
  • Easy storyboarding
  • Import photos from digital cameras or PC
  • Adjustable frame rate (which can be changed during the project)
  • Fully preview-able before rendering final video
  • One-touch capture and auto capture modes
  • Grids to help composition
  • Control over camera settings such as brightness

My experience

Installing the software on a Windows 8 laptop was relatively simple and within a few minutes I was connecting my Canon EOS 70D. I was very pleased to see that the software saw that the camera was connected. It was then a little frustrating when the software could not connect to the camera. It is worth noting that the EOS 70D is still a relatively new model in the Canon EOS range. With this is mind I went to the website to see if they had an update for the software. They did! After installing an update patch my camera was instantly detected and we could see a live preview of the camera.

At this point I handed over all the equipment to Philip (my 9 year old son) and we talked about how he could make an animation of a short story about an alien going on holiday. He had a very productive 90 minutes and recored enough frames for about 90 seconds on animation.

Philip really enjoyed using the software and found it very intuitive and asked if he could take the box into school to show his teacher as he wished he had it at school!

Here is his first video.

The only support he received from me was setting up my Canon on the tripod and connecting it to the laptop.

This is a very effective piece of software as as a teacher, tech reviewing parent I would thoroughly recommend this software for both school and home use. This software gives the user enough support to ensure that creativity is not stifled by the technology.