Performer Profile 600 LED

There are many good reasons for switching from tungsten lamps to LED in the theatre and display uses. The low energy consumption, long life span and much lower operating temperatures provide very compelling reasons to switch to LED.

The Profile 600 is a real alternative to a traditional tungsten 750W lamp and only uses a maximum of 230W at maximum brightness.

Check out our review video recorded at Central Theatre Supplies in Birmingham.

A couple of points to note:

  • With a refresh rate of 1200Hz there was no flicker when recorded through my DSLR
  • The fan was totally silent
  • The onboard dimmer can be preset and left in an installation - making it an excellent choice for displaying a corporate gobo at an event
  • The colour temperature of 3100K gives a nice warm colour on skin tones

The profile 600 is available here from Central Theatre Supplies for £855

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