Radian from Alpine Labs

Programming the Radian motion time-lapse device from Alpine Labs

If you have not yet seen my first look review of the Radian and Michron from Alpine Labs check it out here

Radian is a move-shoot-move device which essentially means it takes a photo by triggering the camera moves and then repeats the process. The device is programmed with an Android or iOS device and communicates via the headphone socket (which I think is really cool).

One of the features which I particularly like is the ability to ‘ramp-up’ or vary the speed at which the motor spins during the time-lapse sequence.


The basic interface is clean and intuitive setting the angle to move through, the time taken and the interval for photos to be taken. The device can still be used without a DSLR and other cameras such as a GoPro can be mounted onto it.


The advanced options give the flexibility of delaying the start of the sequence and giving a ‘ramping’ option to both the speed and the exposure.



The motion can be ramped either with a linear setting (top photo) or a curved setting (bottom photo). This gives the opportunity to the start the movement at one speed and slow down for another part of the time lapse.

The easy of programming combined with the simplicity of the upload from an audio jack makes the Radian very simple to configure prior to a time lapse sequence.