Do you every want to take your customised Minecraft experience away from your computer but sill have all your mods and resource packs?

The new Gameband (priced at £64.99 in the UK) offers you a truly portable Minecraft experience. All you need is Java 6 (or higher) running on your machine.

Visit here.

After using it for a couple of days here are my initial experiences.

  • The Gameband is beautifully engineered and designed. The band feels a good weight and is comfortable to wear.
  • USB connector which is also used to secure the band feels very secure.
  • LED display is bright and easy to see from a range of angles.
  • There is no noticeable lag or delay running Minecraft from the band
  • 8GB memory available on the band can come in very useful if you forget a memory stick
  • Pixelfurance design software is very easy to use to produce animations for the band.
  • The price point of £64.99 means I would definitely be reluctant to let my son take his to school.