Alpine Labs

Radian and Michron

Many thanks to Alpine Labs for sending me a Radian and Michron to review

. Radian Timelapse camera Michron Pan and Tilt control

Alpine Labs have recently launched a great system for helping to take awesome photograps on a DSLR.

The Radian

The Radian is an awesome little device which allows you to take beautiful motion time lapse photography with a DSLR, compact, mobile phone and GoPro. The Radian is programmed by a iPhone or Android phone and doesn’t require the phone to be left attached during the photoshoot.

The highly accurate motor can advance as little as 0.01 degrees between each photo. There is a wide range of control and programmable options available including the ability to line up a number of programs. Based on one battery charge the Radian can last up to 100 hours.





The Michron

The Michron is a small compact device that can be used to program a DSLR to control a time lapse sequence. The device is programmed with an Android or iOS app via the headphone socket and doesn’t need the phone left connected whilst running. The Michron has a built in battery which should last in excess of 2000 hours. There is a good range of control options available.