Fitbit one unboxing

Can technology help you lose weight?

I am very much hoping that the answer is yes. After spending £60 on the fitbit one I am hoping that a simple piece of technology will help measure my activity and help me lose weight.

The fitbit one measures:

* Number of steps walked in a day
* Distance covered
* Calories burned (based on both distance walked and BMR)
* Stairs climbed

In addition it records and evaluates your sleep (when worn!)

* Hours of sleep slept
* Times woken up
* Sleep quality
* Includes a silent (vibrating) alarm clock

It connects to a range of Bluetooth devices including:

* Computers
* iPhone 4S or newer
* Certain Bluetooth devices

The integrated iPhone and PC tools help you reach weight loss and fitness goals

I have been using this for two days now and have been really impressed with both the motivation and analytics available. I honestly thought that I didn’t do any exercise whilst at work - this turned out to be quite the opposite!

I will post more as I use the one and share if it is actually doing the job!

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