GoPro Hero 3 (first looks)

After waiting several years I finally took the plunge and bought a GoPro Hero 3. We are gong to America next summer to visit Orlando and I want to talk lots of POV videos on the rides.


I bought the Hero 3 (white edition) as it was on sale at a good price. I haven’t made an unboxing video as there many already out there!

First thoughts and impressions:

  • The battery seemed to last for ages. I was playing with it all day and still had some charge after 9 hours in a theme park.
  • The waterproof case kept my GoPro very dry on some very wet rides much to my relief.
  • The menu is very simple to follow (although I had to remind myself which button did what!)
  • The quality of video is stunning
  • With the totally enclosed waterproof case audio is very quiet - although I did expect that.
  • I bravely took the GoPro on rides without any sort of mount (risky!) and I probably won’t do that again.
  • Still photos look very crisp and clear

Here are my first videos from LegoLand (Windsor).