ebeam Edge

I have been using interactive whiteboards for about seven years and have seen them become much more popular in teaching and learning. Interactive whiteboards offer the user an easy way of interfacing with the PC when connected to a data projector. They are generally used in teaching for annotation but can also control apps / presentations.

A big drawback of using an interactive whiteboard is both the cost of installation in terms of time and money. Once installed in a classroom they are hard and costly to move elsewhere.

Alternatives are devices which can attach to any whiteboard and turn them into an interactive whiteboard.

I have recently been sent the eBeam-edge from Luidia to review and will be trying it out in lessons next week. This small and compact device measuring no more than 18x5 cm offers to convert any screen into an interactive whiteboard.

To start this review here is my unboxing video.

Updated Tuesday 29th January 2013

This morning I installed the edge in the first of the 17 different classrooms I teach in. Putting the batteries in the pens was surprisingly simple and I was very pleased to see that all the batteries needed came in the box! Next came the installation of the software, there are two CDs which come in the box and it took me a few minutes to realise that the two different pen systems required two different pieces of software.


After eventually working out which piece of software corresponded to each pen type I had the pens calibrated on the board in the first room. My first impressions were really positive and the students in the class were surprised to see that I had turned a normal whiteboard into an interactive one.


The software worked well and having used interactive whiteboards before it didn’t take long for me to start saving pages and changing pens! The next real test came at the end of the lesson when I had to move to my next classroom. I decided to leave the backing plate in the first room and went off to the next. Within a few minutes the edge was attached to the board and calibration complete and I was ready to teach as the students completed their starter activity!

The final review video

In conclusion, I have been greatly impressed with the e-Beam edge which has exceeded my expectations having looked at similar devices in the past from other companies. They key feature for me is the simplicity in moving the sensor bar to another location and the speed of calibration.

An excellent product - does the job well and does not require support from a technician in setting it up.