Foscam HD Wireless IP Camera

Foscam HD Wireless IP Camera

Wireless IP cameras have been in the news recently so I was therefore very interested in trying out the F19826P Wireless IP camera from Foscam.


1.3 Megapixels HD camera
Pan / tilt / zoom control
3 x zoom lens
IR LEDs to provide night time surveillance
P2P connectivity
Motion detection alarm
Micro SD slot
DDNS Services embedded from Foscam
Built in Mic and Speaker and audio jack for external mic and speaker

First impressions out of the box is that is a neat little camera unit with a very compact design. The included mounting bracket and rawlplugs enable the camera to be mounted on wall. There is a very generous power cable with optional extension which should enable the camera to be mounted in most places indoors.

I was intrigued with the quick start 1 minute card. After following all the instructions and carrying out the initial setup with my Android Tablet I had a camera connected to my network. It took slightly longer than 1 minute but that was mostly due to me not reading the instructions fully! With an additional read of the online instruction manual and downloading an app for my mac to find the IP address of the camera I had set it up successfully.

I was very pleased with the insistence that the username and password was changed at the initial setup. This gave me a good sense of peace of mind knowing that you needed both the device number, the username and password to login.

Accessing the camera

You basically have 4 main options to connect to the camera and control it.

* local web interface with an additional range of configuration options.

* external web app through the website

* Android app

* iOS app

Each of the methods listed above seem very reliable and I have had no connection issues. I did notice though that my obsession with looking at my camera feed whilst at work was rapidly eating up my data!

[More details to come]

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