Overboard Waterproof iPad case

Would you be brave enough to drop your iPad in the bath?

This was an experiment which I let my eight year old son try the other day whilst preparing this review of the Overboard waterproof iPad case.

The key features of the case include:

  • A trademarked “Simple Slide Seal System”
  • Made from tough yet supple TPU fabric
  • Totally touchscreen compatible
  • A clear back window for photos and video
  • A rear hand strap

Included in the packet was also a shoulder strap, carabiner and 3 desiccating sachets.

After testing my iPad in the bath I was extremely impressed with the results. I have tested and used waterproof cases before which have sacrificed the effectiveness of the touch screen for protection but this case worked well.

Since my first test I have taken my iPad in the shower and out for a walk in the rain. During both of these tests the iPad remained totally dry and protected.

I was extremely impressed with the quality of the instructions. It is really nice to see a product have common sense warnings and down-to-earth precautions. The instructions have been written in almost a conversational style with a real sense of humour and irony. These were a pleasure to read and added to the enjoyment of using this product!

This is an excellent product and if you follow the common sense guidelines you are going to have a very dry and safe iPad.

The product can be purchased from Amazon with the links below: