Breffo Gumstick

Back in December 2013 I preordered a Breffo Gumstick which originally started as a kickstarter project.

I was very excited to see it arrive last week and was so pleased to see that Breffo have produced another product that combines high quality design and style with function.

The Gumstick has to be one of the worlds simplest smartphone stands and essentially resembles a thick stick of gum. The clever design and materials used enable the stand to be bent into a range of solid shapes which can easily be undone. It is incredibly flexible, strong and manufactured with a nice feel.

Specifications from the Breffo website:

  • Works with ALL Smartphones
  • Minimal & Beautiful in Design and Form
  • Extremely Portable & Folds Flat for Travel
  • Sides Easily into Pockets & Bags
  • Flexible, Strong & Sturdy
  • Bends & Moulds to Shape
  • View at Any Angle 0-90°, in Any Position, in Any Location
  • Perfect for Movies. Just Grab & Go.
  • Scratch Proof Soft Touch, Anti Shock Protective Rubber Body
  • No Need to Remove Cases. Works with All Cases & Covers
  • Design Registered & Patents Pending
  • Made Exclusively in the UK

Check out these photos of the awesome product.







Pong ipad case

Pong Origami iPad case which improves WIFI signal

A massive thank you to Ranieri Communications for sending me this sample of the Pong Origami iPad case for review.

I am sure that there are spots in your house that WIFI simply won’t reach or has a really weak signal. The pong iPad case from boasts a embedded WIFI antenna system which can boost up to 9x faster WIFI performance and 80% WIFI reception.



The case is presented in a very attractive box with stylish insert and feels substantial in the hand yet light.



The case does not support the original iPad but holds very snugly the new iPad with all the relevant holes and cut-outs needed. The construction feels very durable and includes a patented Origami cover with the sleep-wake functionality.

Not only does the case boost WIFI and cellular coverage it also protects users from harmful radiation by reducing exposure of WIFI radiation by up to 72%. Whilst the Science of WIFI exposure and the long term effects are not yet clearly known I personally would recommend this especially for children using the iPad.

The case felt very comfortable to use and the Origami stand felt secure when used in different places such as cafes and on a desk.




The big question is did I notice an improvement in the WIFI strength or signal when using the iPad in the case. I only have a first generation iPad so had to borrow one from a colleague for the testing. In our un-scientific test we took the iPad to the most inaccessible place for WIFI in the house and checked the WIFI strength and ran a speed test (result 1). We then ran the same test using the case (result 2). This really exceeded our expectations!

(result 1) Without the case 1 bar of signal strength and a maximum download speed of approx 5Mbps.

(result 2) With the case - full signal strength and a maximum download speed of just under 20Mbps.

WIth the iPad next to the router we achieved a top speed of 32Mbps.

In conclusion.

This case definite does what it says on the packet! It is stylish, light weight, durable and significantly improved the WIFI strength in my un-Scientific test!

Buy it here from Amazon

Overboard Waterproof iPad case

Would you be brave enough to drop your iPad in the bath?

This was an experiment which I let my eight year old son try the other day whilst preparing this review of the Overboard waterproof iPad case.

The key features of the case include:

  • A trademarked “Simple Slide Seal System”
  • Made from tough yet supple TPU fabric
  • Totally touchscreen compatible
  • A clear back window for photos and video
  • A rear hand strap

Included in the packet was also a shoulder strap, carabiner and 3 desiccating sachets.

After testing my iPad in the bath I was extremely impressed with the results. I have tested and used waterproof cases before which have sacrificed the effectiveness of the touch screen for protection but this case worked well.

Since my first test I have taken my iPad in the shower and out for a walk in the rain. During both of these tests the iPad remained totally dry and protected.

I was extremely impressed with the quality of the instructions. It is really nice to see a product have common sense warnings and down-to-earth precautions. The instructions have been written in almost a conversational style with a real sense of humour and irony. These were a pleasure to read and added to the enjoyment of using this product!

This is an excellent product and if you follow the common sense guidelines you are going to have a very dry and safe iPad.

The product can be purchased from Amazon with the links below:

QDOS Custom Buttons Case

I have been using mobile phones long enough to remember the days of interchangeable front covers for mobiles! Sadly most phones do not offer much customisability today.

I was recently sent a sample of the QDOS Custom Button Case to review.

This case offers both protection and style.

The small cut-out on the back of the case enables you to either show-off the iconic Apple logo or insert one of the custom inserts.

The cases can be bought here from £19.99

The cases come in 4 designs:

Apple - a black case with three buttons with different apple images.

Love cars - a red case with car related button designs.

Skulls - a classic black case with a white headphone over the hole with three skull designs.

Cameo - a stripy black and white case with white silhouettes of cat, rabbit and Queens head.


  • The case is very sturdy and feels secure around the iPhone 5
  • The plastic has a nice feel in the hand and does not appear to attract too many finger prints
  • The buttons are stylish and I can see myself changing the button at different times
  • The case surrounds the phone well, giving good protection to the edge of the screen and bezel
  • The button lifts the phone slightly off a surface which could be useful in situations such as cafes and bars

A great case - good style and construction.

5 star rating

Sir Lancelots Armor

A massive thank you to Sir Lancelots Armor for sending me a Holy Grail screen protector to review.

Holy Grail Screen protector iPhone5

I have never had any luck with screen protectors ever since buying my first touch screen phone 6 years ago! I never seem to manage to get it on without leaving a bubble.

I was therefore really excited to receive and review the Holy Grail series screen protector from which claims to be bubble free.


  • 100% bubble free
  • Proprietary glass blend
  • Extremely hard and scratch resident
  • Reusable high strength adhesive (can be removed and repositioned)
  • Absorbs most impacts with no damage

Check out my unboxing and application video here


This screen protector system is absolutely awesome! I am extremely impressed with how easily it attaches and detaches for cleaning. The protector does pick up finger prints but they are removed easily with a cloth. I feel my iPhone is now significantly safer with this protector on.

And finally - there are no (yes absolutely no) bubbles!

5 star rating