Apple EarPods review

Trying something new is always strange! And unboxing and using the new Apple EarPods was definitely one of those moments. I was really interested at the Key Note for the launch of the iPhone 5 to see what these amazing new design earphones would be like.

Check out the unboxing and first look video below.

On first look it took me a moment to work out which ear they would go into - until my son pointed out that there were little ‘L’ and ‘R’ written on them! The design is definitely different and Apple claim that these have similar sounds to more expensive makes.

Sound quality of the audio is very good and the corresponding sound quality from the microphones is very clear when making calls.

I did however, find them very uncomfortable to wear - almost to the point of being painful, but that might just be my first go with them.

In summary,

  • Very interesting design which offers very good quality audio
  • Excellent design and build quality, feel like that they will probably last a while
  • Handy case
  • Easy to use volume controls on the microphone
  • Some users may find them uncomfortable to wear at first



I transfer files on a daily basis from home to work and then within various locations at work. This in the past involved moving either a USB HDD from place to place or memory sticks (which I hate!).

Cloud based services can be a really good way of getting around these problems and I have been particularly keen to use DropBox and iCloud.

GoogleDrive is now a new player on the scene and my initial first impressions feel very favourable to it.

What is your favourite cloud based service? Leave a comment below.

Check out this installation video.


2-in-1 camera adapter

One of the first accessories I got for my iPad after a case was the 2-in-1 camera connector.

This has to be one of the best purchases I made! Not only does it allow you to upload photos / video from SD card to your IPad / iOS device it also lets you plug in other USB devices.

I have been using it to connect a USB keyboard which works well. I was disappointed to see that the Apple keyboard doesn’t work - irony! Also I have had good success connected the USB blue snowflake microphone for use with Garage Band.