I have been using RapidWeaver since early 2012 and have used it to create home.uktechreviews.com since day 1. I have gone through many updates of it starting with version 4 and now onto RapidWeaver7.

Before you go any further go and check out their website here and download a trial version of RapidWeaver7 for Mac today.

RapidWeaver describes itself as the "Best Web design software for Mac" and I can honestly say after using it for 4 years I do agree.

Before I go into the details and specifics about RapidWeaver7 let me tell you the two things I like the most about it.

1. The customer service from the team down in Brighton is second to none, any issues are dealt with quickly and there is excellent communication.
2. The community - there are hundreds (if not thousands) of templates, designs, layouts, plug-ins available.

Key features;

  • Very easy to build professional looking websites
  • Websites are Search Engine Optimised (yay)
  • Mobile friendly themes (e.g. the one use to make this website)
  • Works offline, your website is stored locally
  • Websites generated work well with all browsers (even Internet Explorer!)
  • No need to learn HTML (although I think you should as it is a great skill)
  • Publishing only updates pages that have changed

RapidWeaver7 includes some nice updates including

  • Search Engine health check (I still need to do some work on mine!)
  • Banner images to pages or your whole website
  • Ability to transfer documents between Macs (thank you!!!!)
  • Ability to publish to more than one location
  • Ability to add code to more parts of your website than before
  • Project backup via FTP
  • Faster and more reliable FTP engine (yep, I've noticed the difference)
  • Live external preview
  • CSS and Javascript Minification
  • An improved UI which definitely feels quicker to use

If you are looking at creating beautiful and feature rich websites from a Mac I can thoroughly recommend RapidWeaver 7. It is feature rich, very easy to learn and has great customer service and a wide range of add-ons.