Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

I was extremely lucky to receive a pair of Sennheiser Momentum headphones to review as part of their YouReview competition.

It was obvious right from opening the box that these were a very special pair of headphones, and for the retail price of £249 that was to be expected.


On opening the outer packaging the headphones are housed in a rigid cloth covered case with an embossed Sennheiser logo on the front. A handy strap helps pull out the case from the foam packaging. The finish and quality of the case is lovely with a sturdy feeling zip with a Sennheiser branded toggle on each zip.

Opening the case (with a satisfyingly tug of the zip) reveals the headphones sat snugly in the case. At first glance there does not appear to be any connecting cables as these are detachable and hidden under a velcro cover.


The headphones themselves are extremely sturdy in construction but not heavy. They feel comfortable to wear and block out approximately 60% of background noise. The force pushing on your head does not feel great but at the same time the headphones feel very secure. There is good room for adjustment for various size heads.

The leather headband is beautiful and I believe the leather is produced in Somerset from a manufacture who has been making leather for ever! Sennheiser have really thought about attention to detail and have included several logos.




There are two connecting cables which attach into the left cup - one is simply a plain connector connecting to a mini jack and the second has a beautifully designed control making it OSX and iOS compatible.


Sound quality is amazing and after using them for two weeks now I feel that these are probably some of the best consumer headphones I have tried. Having listened to a range of genres and exposed myself to heavy bass, lots of mid-range and high frequency orchestral music I am clear that these have a consistent sound over the entire frequency range. Quiet music sounds clear and very audible and there is great contrast between loud and quiet. Loud sounds are punchy and fairly free of distortion. There are still many applications i want to try these with but at the moment I am very very very happy!


Checkout my unboxing video here