Big and Bold - Featuring Twist's Story

Big and Bold - featuring Twist’s story

I recently met a great little guy called Twist at a Christian event called Spring Harvest.


Twist is a small, crazy little guy who features in the Big & Bold roadshow. He is helped by an awesome guy called Paul Willmott.

The Big & Bold Roadshow is a Christian, action packed family show which presents the gospel in an engaging and compelling way.

Paul and his team have put together an excellent app which enables children to take home the Twist experience and to continue with the fun and share the Gospel message through a story.

Download the app Android, iOS and Windows - search for “Big and Bold” today.

Also head over to for more information.


Downloading the app from the Apple App store.


The app has two core elements: A twist and slide puzzle game and a story.




The puzzle game is very addictive and I like the extra help from the clues!



The story gives you the option of either reading yourself or hearing Twist read the story. It was lovely to hear the same voice used in the roadshow.

If you are looking for a simple and very clear telling of the Gospel message to share with a young person (or person of any age) this is a handy little app to keep on your device. I thoroughly recommend this app to you.