EOS Remote APP

Remote control of the Canon EOS70D using an iPhone

One of the key selling features for the Canon EOS70D for me was the WIFI connectivity. The camera offers several different WIFI connection modes and here I will review the iOS Canon Remote app.

Canon EOS70D

The App is
free from the App store and is an official Canon Inc. product.

EOS Remote on iTunes

Connection to the camera is relatively straight forward and the App contains an easy set-up guide. Establishing an ad-hoc connection seemed to be simpler than connecting over my existing WIFI network, however this did remove the laptop from the network!

Connection guide

The App has two core functions: Photo retrieval and remote control. Both of these are easy to use and photos once downloaded are saved to your camera roll.


The rote function offers a live view of the camera and displays the current settings and mode. The touch screen interface of the camera is replicated with the iOS App offering touch to focus control.

Using the Canon EOS Remote App

The preview window allows to you to look at photos saved on the camera already. The controls were very simple to use and as you can see from the photo above the AF lock had locked onto me!

This is a great FREE App which complements well the Canon EOS70D DSLR camera.

Do check out our Canon D70 video playlist on YouTube.

If you have a spare £1024 the link for the EOS D70 is below!

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