I have been using RapidWeaver since early 2012 and have used it to create home.uktechreviews.com since day 1. I have gone through many updates of it starting with version 4 and now onto RapidWeaver7.

Before you go any further go and check out their website here and download a trial version of RapidWeaver7 for Mac today.

RapidWeaver describes itself as the "Best Web design software for Mac" and I can honestly say after using it for 4 years I do agree.

Before I go into the details and specifics about RapidWeaver7 let me tell you the two things I like the most about it.

1. The customer service from the team down in Brighton is second to none, any issues are dealt with quickly and there is excellent communication.
2. The community - there are hundreds (if not thousands) of templates, designs, layouts, plug-ins available.

Key features;

  • Very easy to build professional looking websites
  • Websites are Search Engine Optimised (yay)
  • Mobile friendly themes (e.g. the one use to make this website)
  • Works offline, your website is stored locally
  • Websites generated work well with all browsers (even Internet Explorer!)
  • No need to learn HTML (although I think you should as it is a great skill)
  • Publishing only updates pages that have changed

RapidWeaver7 includes some nice updates including

  • Search Engine health check (I still need to do some work on mine!)
  • Banner images to pages or your whole website
  • Ability to transfer documents between Macs (thank you!!!!)
  • Ability to publish to more than one location
  • Ability to add code to more parts of your website than before
  • Project backup via FTP
  • Faster and more reliable FTP engine (yep, I've noticed the difference)
  • Live external preview
  • CSS and Javascript Minification
  • An improved UI which definitely feels quicker to use

If you are looking at creating beautiful and feature rich websites from a Mac I can thoroughly recommend RapidWeaver 7. It is feature rich, very easy to learn and has great customer service and a wide range of add-ons.


2016 MacBook portable USB-C adapter

Back in September I bought a new MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2016). I was after a small yet powerful MacBook and this model fits that criteria well. This was a risky purchase as the new (early 2016) MacBook only has one USB-C port and as someone who would be using this MacBook at meeting presentations and presentations this might be an issue.

To get round this issue I bought a USB-C to HDMI/USB3/Power through adapter.



  • Suitable for the Early-2016 MacBook (there are many USB-C hubs on Amazon but most are designed for the 2015 model and reportedly won’t work on a 2016 MacBook)
  • 1 USB 3.0 port with data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps
  • 4K HDMI display with sound over HDMI.
  • Power-through the adapter to charge your MacBook whilst using the adapter.


The instructions were very clear on ensuring that the USB-C connector was plugged in a certain way up matching arrows on the connecting cable. I found this didn’t work and I had to plug the cable in upside down.

USB-3 port has worked for all devices I have connected including external USB hard drives.

Power charging works but is much slower than powering directly into the MacBook USB-C port.

HDMI was much more of a hit and miss and was less stable than I would have wanted. Plugging in / switching on the MacBook charger would disrupt the HDMI connection.

  • TV - connected easily and was quite stable
  • 3D digital projection projector - connected and was stable
  • Multi-input switcher - connected and was reasonably stable
  • University multi-input switcher - could not connect

At the moment the USB-C standard is relatively new and making the transition from USB2/3 is potentially going to be costly especially when you need other ports. I understand why Apple only put one USB-C port on their new MacBook

I would definitely say choose wisely when looking for a USB-C


Big and Bold - Featuring Twist's Story

Big and Bold - featuring Twist’s story

I recently met a great little guy called Twist at a Christian event called Spring Harvest.


Twist is a small, crazy little guy who features in the Big & Bold roadshow. He is helped by an awesome guy called Paul Willmott.

The Big & Bold Roadshow is a Christian, action packed family show which presents the gospel in an engaging and compelling way.

Paul and his team have put together an excellent app which enables children to take home the Twist experience and to continue with the fun and share the Gospel message through a story.

Download the app Android, iOS and Windows - search for “Big and Bold” today.

Also head over to http://www.twistonline.co.uk for more information.


Downloading the app from the Apple App store.


The app has two core elements: A twist and slide puzzle game and a story.




The puzzle game is very addictive and I like the extra help from the clues!



The story gives you the option of either reading yourself or hearing Twist read the story. It was lovely to hear the same voice used in the roadshow.

If you are looking for a simple and very clear telling of the Gospel message to share with a young person (or person of any age) this is a handy little app to keep on your device. I thoroughly recommend this app to you.


EOS Remote APP

Remote control of the Canon EOS70D using an iPhone

One of the key selling features for the Canon EOS70D for me was the WIFI connectivity. The camera offers several different WIFI connection modes and here I will review the iOS Canon Remote app.

Canon EOS70D

The App is
free from the App store and is an official Canon Inc. product.

EOS Remote on iTunes

Connection to the camera is relatively straight forward and the App contains an easy set-up guide. Establishing an ad-hoc connection seemed to be simpler than connecting over my existing WIFI network, however this did remove the laptop from the network!

Connection guide

The App has two core functions: Photo retrieval and remote control. Both of these are easy to use and photos once downloaded are saved to your camera roll.


The rote function offers a live view of the camera and displays the current settings and mode. The touch screen interface of the camera is replicated with the iOS App offering touch to focus control.

Using the Canon EOS Remote App

The preview window allows to you to look at photos saved on the camera already. The controls were very simple to use and as you can see from the photo above the AF lock had locked onto me!

This is a great FREE App which complements well the Canon EOS70D DSLR camera.

Do check out our Canon D70 video playlist on YouTube.

If you have a spare £1024 the link for the EOS D70 is below!



After two and a half weeks waiting I had the message I have been waiting for on MailBox!

Let me walk you through what happens when you add a Gmail account and then share my first impression of Mailbox.

photo 1 photo 3

photo 4 photo 2

photo 4-1

photo 5 photo

My first impressions are amazingly positive - this is definitely been worth the wait and anticipation.

Mailbox helps you achieve what I believe is the near impossible -
an empty mailbox! I don’t mean that everything is deleted but filed and organised for later life or use.

The touch interface with gesture control is amazing - I love the really nice slow or fast swipe with different meaning.

Mailbox in my opinion is how email should be used!

Well done!