Moto360 2nd generation smart watch

After waiting very patiently for many months I am now the proud owner of my first piece of Android Wear - the 2nd generation Moto 360 smart watch.

moto3602 wrist

Before we go any further I need to mention something very important. I don’t own an Android device so the 360 is now paired with my iPhone 6. Despite being an enormous Apple fanboy - I actually wanted an Android watch over the Apple watch.

My first review looks at what the watch can do when connected to an iOS device. I am not going to specifically think about the Android Wear apps here, I will do that in the next blog post.

With the recent introduction of the Android Wear app for iOS and the update to allow devices to connect the future does look good for wearable tech and smart watches ....

What can you do?

The Android Wear app allows you to display all notifications on the watch. Other than limited reply options with Gmail there are no further functionality with the notifications.

Music and podcasts can be controlled by the watch with play / pause / forward / back skip and volume controls. The current track and album name is displayed on the screen.

Phone calls can be answered but with the lack of speaker you can’t hear what is being said!

Overall, there is very limited functionality and additional apps can not currently be installed.

This does pose a very important question - is it worth buying a £220 watch which essentially only shows you iOS notifications and has the Android core functionality? I would say yes. At the moment I am getting around 15 hours battery life which is very good, the style and design are beautiful and it is a circular watch face which I wanted.

If you are looking for the rich Apple watch experience then this may not be the best option.