A moto disappointment

I knew when I bought the Motorola moto 360 model 2 smart watch that there were going to be some areas of give and take especially as I will be pairing it with an iOS phone.

moto3602 wrist

The first limitation is probably one of the most frustrating, it is not possible to download and add any more Android Wear apps to the watch. Apple will not allow a second App Store so adding more content to the watch is impossible.

Putting that to one side I can honestly say that the last two weeks with the watch have not been too disappointing. I set up push notifications for all my key apps so was quickly getting all my notifications on my wrist. I could live with the inability to interact with the notifications other than dismissing them.

Before I explain my fairly big disappointment it is important to know how the watch pairs with a new iOS or Android device. To add a new phone or tablet you have to perform a factory reset of the watch. It is not possible to have more than one device synced at a time. Performing a factory reset erases everything from the watch including all the analytic data saved by the Moto Body app.

Last night apple pushed out an iOS update which I dutifully did this morning. Post update I found I was unable to connect my watch to the phone. It took me a few minutes of thinking before I realised that the reason it wouldn't connect was because the watch thought it was a new device.

I then had to go through the setup to pair a new device and before long I had my notifications streaming in to me. Later in the morning I went to see how my steps were going towards my new and challenging target set by Moto Body. It was at this moment I noticed that all my analytics had been lost. Of course they had been lost, I had performed a factory reset of the watch.

Very disappointed by this ...

My hopes for further updates

- Apple come to some agreement with Google to allow access to Android Wear apps to be installed on the watch.

- Future updates of the Android Wear app allow local saving of Moto Body data