Hudl2 Little Book of treats

The Hudl2 Book of Treats

Included with the Hudl2 from Tesco is a little envelope which promises “Over £60 of offers inside”. Inside the envelope is a little booklet called “Book of treats”

  • £10 free movie and TV credit to spend at Blinkbox
  • 30 days free premium music
  • £10 eBook credit for Blinkbox

  • £15 off groceries when you spend £60 in your first Tesco online order (sadly we already have delivery so this one isn’t valid)
  • £10 off first Tesco direct order when you spend £50 or more
  • £10 off when you spend £50 at F&F online
  • 10 free 4x6” prints when you buy 50

The first thee vouchers look a good way to get you hooked on Blinkbox. This is very reminiscent of the Apple 12 days of Christmas where 12 days of giveaways help get you sucked into the Apple ecosystem.

Having not yet used Blinkbox I am keen to see how this compares to iTunes.

Hudl2 camera test

Hudl2 Camera test

The Hudl2 boasts two cameras (1.2MP front and 5MP back).

My first impressions were mixed, as I am not used to taking photos on a tablet it took me a while to be hold the camera, press the shutter and touch to focus. After a while I mastered it and took some good photos.


  • Nice colour saturation (no filters needed)
  • Reasonably bright screen made it easy to see your subject outside
  • Reasonably fast shutter speed


  • Initially hard to juggle focusing, holding the tablet and pressing the shutter
  • Transferring the photos into iPhoto on my MacBook was not as simple as I would have hoped. I had to download Android File Transfer
  • Photos slightly overexposed

Overall, I am very pleased with the camera. For a budget Android tablet the Tesco Hudl2 is very impressive.



First impressions and unboxing of the Tesco Hudl2

A huge thank you to Tesco for giving me this review unit.

Can you get a decent Android tablet for £130?

After my first experience of the Tesco Hudl2 I can definitely say the answer is YES!

The specs are very impressive and deliver excellent value for money:

  • 8.3” full HD display
  • 16GB storage
  • 5MP back camera
  • 1.2MP front camera
  • 8 hour battery life
  • Powered by an intel 1.83GHz quad-core processor

If you have not watched my unboxing video - watch it now!

First impressions

My first impressions of the Hudl2 are extremely positive. I am very impressed with crisp, sharp screen which rendered video, text and photos beautifully. Downloading and installed new apps was smooth and seamless and there appeared to be very little lag when scrolling through menus or switching apps.

Over the next two weeks I will be using the Hudl2 as my main mobile device and I will add more detail later.