Hudl2 Little Book of treats

The Hudl2 Book of Treats

Included with the Hudl2 from Tesco is a little envelope which promises “Over £60 of offers inside”. Inside the envelope is a little booklet called “Book of treats”

  • £10 free movie and TV credit to spend at Blinkbox
  • 30 days free premium music
  • £10 eBook credit for Blinkbox

  • £15 off groceries when you spend £60 in your first Tesco online order (sadly we already have delivery so this one isn’t valid)
  • £10 off first Tesco direct order when you spend £50 or more
  • £10 off when you spend £50 at F&F online
  • 10 free 4x6” prints when you buy 50

The first thee vouchers look a good way to get you hooked on Blinkbox. This is very reminiscent of the Apple 12 days of Christmas where 12 days of giveaways help get you sucked into the Apple ecosystem.

Having not yet used Blinkbox I am keen to see how this compares to iTunes.
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