Moto 360 Android and iOS

For several reasons I wanted an Android Wear watch but as I am totally Apple based I wanted to run it with iOS. Following the updated to Android Wear and the release of the Moto 360 second gen I thought this would be a good combination. My review and unboxing of the Moto 360 second gen is here. If you then read my next blog post you see that I start to get a little disappointed with the pairing.

So, as far as I can see the options available with Android Wear are:

Andorra Wear device paired with Android phone - very rich, lots of apps and loads of functionality.

Android Wear device paired with iOS device - only notifications, very few apps and very limited functionality.

After spending over two hundred pounds on the Moto 360 (second get) and having another 18 months contract with my iPhone this was not a happy experience to be in. I was even tempted to sell the Moto 360 and buy an Apple Watch.

Thankfully I have found a third way ....

Android Wear watch paired with (very cheap £25) Android Tablet to unlock the richer experience and add apps to the watch.
Android Wear watch also connected to iOS device to receive notifications.

Android Wear sync with 2 devices

Step by step method

1. Buy a very cheap Android tablet such as this one. It must run Android 4.3 or above and have bluetooth

2. Install the Android Wear app on the tablet. I found that it initially said that it wasn’t compatible with my device so after a quick google search I found a slightly older version, downloaded it and installed it.

3. Perform a factory reset on the Android Wear device and set up as a new pairing with the tablet.

4. Download an app called Aerlink from the Google Play Store. Install and setup on the Android Wear device.

5. Download the accompanying Aerlink iOS app (approx £1.50) from here

6. Run both apps on both devices and after a little bit of Bluetooth pairing you will soon receive notifications on your Android Wear device from your iOS phone.

Optional steps

7. Setup WIFI on your Android Wear device (which you can’t do when using the iOS Android Wear app)

8. Download loads of other apps to the watch

9. Switch off the Android tablet and only use again when you need to add extra apps etc.

Enjoy the benefit of Android Wear apps on your device whilst still getting all the notifications from iOS.

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