SoundPEATS Q800 Sports Earphones

Firstly a massive thanks to SoundPEATS for sending me a pair of the Q800 Sports Earphones to review.


These are the second pair of sports earphones I have reviewed recently and unlike the last pair these are Bluetooth (4.1) enabled and offer a fully wireless and connected audio experience.


The bluetooth technology and battery are contained in the ends of a band which sits around the neck. The earphones are connected by a wire to the main unit. This provides a pleasant wearing experience as there is no bulky weight pulling on the earphones during use. The design took a little getting used to and I noticed a couple of people looking as I was trying them out in public. Weighing in at just 30g the whole unit is very light and comfortable to wear.



Battery life

The manual quotes up to 12 hours talk time, which I have not been able to verify. The quote up to 10 hours Music time which during testing I achieved a similar time streaming from my iPad. Standby time is quoted as 100 hours which I am still testing.

Bluetooth pairing and functionality

The Bluetooth 4.1 specs should provide compatible devices with Headset (music playback and control), Hands-free and A2-DP profiles. Bluetooth pairing was simple and worked first time with both my iPhone and iPad. The 10m range appeared realistic. The controls are very simple to use and the manual gives clear instructions.


Having listened to both music and speech I am fairly pleased with the audio quality. The sound reproduction is balanced with a well relatively well defined bass and high end frequencies with the overall sound being bright. Phone call audio is clear.


For around £25 this is a nice pair of earphones. I found they stayed on my head even during fairly vigorous movement. The design is comfortable to wear and Bluetooth functionality works well.

For more information visit the SoundPEATS website here.