Brainwavz M100

Firstly, a massive thank you to Brainwavz for sending me these M100 earphones for review.

Secondly, I love these earphones - they are amazing! They currently retail for around $90 and are available here from Amazon (in the US).

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The M100 have similar packaging to other earphones in the Brainwavs range including a hard earphone case. The case contains a range of earphone tips including the Comply (TM) T400 foam tips which provide very effective noise isolation. As I write this review my wife is using the vacuum cleaner next to me and I can’t hear it even at a relatively low volume setting,


The earphone has an all-metal housing which feels very secure in my ears even when walking and running. There is very little noise leakage from the earphones even at a high volume level which I found hard to believe at first. I found the medium sized tips to be the most pleasant and these wasn’t a massive improvement in audio using the T400 Foam tips although they did offer a greater amount of noise isolation.



Technical specifications:

  • Universal remote (Android and iOS compatibility) - phone call, audio player and volume control
  • Dynamic 8mm drivers
  • Frequency range 12Hz - 22 kHz (a wider frequency range compared to the Brainwavz Jive)
  • Sensitivity 110dB @ 1mW
  • Cable 1.3m (braided copper)

The cable features a special braided cable design which as well as feeling very satisfying to the touch also prevents tangling of the cable.


Audio quality

For around $90 these headphones definitely are worth the price tag.

The audio quality is excellent with a wide range of frequency ensuring that the bass is very punchy and high frequencies are clear. Vocals sound very clear and frequencies are reproduced cleanly. The quality of bass came as a very pleasant surprise with such small earphones. Bass guitar and drum kicks are reproduced with a very satisfying and solid depth that you would expected of a much larger headphone. Instrumental recordings are very clear and you can hear a lot of detail such as breath sounds with a flute solo.

At loud volumes I found there to be very little distortion and the sound still remained clear and very crisp.

I generally use Let it Go from Frozen as my standard test piece both in the theatre when setting up sound systems and reviewing headphone. This track was reproduced extremely well with a very crisp introduction, clear vocals and a solid, but not overpowering bass line.

In-line remote

The in-line remote sits on the right hand earphone cable about 4 inches below the earphone. I personally found this a little close and would have preferred it a bit lower. The remote responds quickly and has both phone and music player controls and volume.

These are a lovely pair of earphones and great things can definitely come in small packages. The volume, depth and clarity of sound produced by such a small pair of earphones is awesome!