X-mini Kai2 capsule speaker

Introducing the X-mini Kai2 Capsule Speaker

Retaining all the outstanding features of the award winning X-mini Capsule Speaker range, this improved Kai2 features the ceramic driver which delivers a sound experience better than ever before.

I was really pleased to receive the X-mini Kai2 to review after having been really impressed with the X-mini Wi which I
reviewed back in April.

For a speaker measuring approximately 6cm x 6cm this speaker produces loud, crisip and punchy sound. I wanted to thoroughly test this unit so took it on holiday and used it as my only speaker. It faired really well under a range of conditions both inside and outside.


Key Features

  • Ceramic speaker (which delivers improved sound over the first generation) - 2.5W output
  • A stylish design with the fold away concertina design
  • Very simple controls
  • Ability to connect multiple units together
  • Audio out socket which can be used to turn older stereos into bluetooth enabled ones
  • Built in noise cancelling microphone

My experiences

  • The speaker paired instantly to my iPhone and my MacBook Air. I managed to get a good 9-10 bluetooth range outside and about 6m inside the house.
  • The microphone sound quality was very impressive when I held a small conference call using my the Kai2 and my iPhone 5. As an interesting test I took it outside into a windy environment and the noise cancelling was very evident.
  • The battery lasted just under 5 hours on constant Bluetooth playback during a very long car journey at a reasonable volume for everyone to hear.
  • The 2.5W speaker produced excellent sound reproduction both inside and outside. The speaker was loud enough to provide background music to a small BBQ. I was surprised by this level of volume for a unit of this size.
  • My only issue (and to be honest this only happened once!) was when using the combined volume / track advance button during playback of an audio book. Whilst trying to change the volume I managed to skip to the end of the audio book.

If you are going to only buy one USB speaker this year I would recommend this one to you. It is a small, compact yet clear and crisp speaker. The audio line out is excellent for retrofitting old HiFi units and making them bluetooth compatible.