PCTV Broadway 2T DVB-T Streaming TV

A huge thank you to pctv for sending me this sample of the Broadway 2T DVB-T system for review.

The Broadway 2T brings live TV to your iPad, iPhone or other device!

I was initially sceptical about using a device to stream digital TV around my house as I have had poor experiences with this in the past (albeit over 10 years ago).

My initial experience was really positive. I found the spare coax arial lead which I thought was connected to the ariel on the roof and plugged it in, connected the Broadway 2T to my Virgin media router and switched on. After following a few simple instructions on my iPad I had scanned the channels and was tentatively clicking on CBeebies to try it out.




I must admit I was surprised when I had a clear and crisp TV image looking back at me!

Using the Broadway 2T on the iPad

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

Screenshot from the MacBook Air (using Google Chrome)

Broadway 2T on Mac

I will update a full review video on the channel in the next couple of days.

I am extremely pleased with this device and after feeling quite confident with it we performed the following test:

2 x Windows PC
2 x Mac
1 x iPad
1 x Android tablet

All 6 devices were simultaneously connected watching different channels without any buffering or delay!


If you want to buy one at a great price check out this:-