Sennheiser OCX686G Sport

Sennheiser OCX 686G Sport Headphones

Thanks to Sennheiser for sending me a pair of the OCX686G SPORT to review. This is my first serious pair of sports headphones I have reviewed.

Key specs include:

  • Stereo headphones with 1.2m symmetric cable
  • Smart remote with mic
  • Tangle-free Para-aramid-reinforced oval cables designed to reduce cable noise
  • Sealed in-ear-canal design


The OCX686G Sport are packaged beautifully in a very well designed box. Included in the packaging are headphones with smart remote, storage pouch, cable clip, instructions and ear adaptor set (small, medium and large)






The in-ear-canal design are extremely comfortable and fit very easily into place. One criticism I have had in the past of this style design in the problem of wearing sports headphones over glasses. The OCX686Gs are really comfortable even over glasses and feel secure in place.


The smartphone compatible microphone is described as being for Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, SONY and there tablets and smartphones. At first use it appears to only operate the play / pause button with my iPhone 6 and iPad mini 2. The microphone is positioned at a convenient distance from the headphones.


At first glance the green headphone cable seems quite bright but stylish. I do like the tangle free design, this really is tangle free!



The ear-hooks of the OCX686G sport headphones hold them securely in place but also have enough flexibility not to feel too ridgid.


The in-ear-canal design prevents a certain amount of outside noise coming through to the headphones. Whilst they are not noise cancelling they do reduce outside noise.

And now for the important part .... the sound ...

Having listened to both music and speech I am really pleased with the audio quality particularly at higher volume levels. The sound reproduction is balanced with a well defined bass and high end frequencies. The overall sound is punchy but doesn’t lose any quality in quieter music.

I am going to use the OCX 686G as my main headphones for the next week and will update this review.