Unicorn Hat camera

Things to do with a Unicorn Hat

You may have seen in an earlier post that I got the Unicorn Hat from Pimoroni for Christmas. With a spare hour this evening I had a quick think about a fun project using this display.

Introducing the Unicorn Camera.

Combining the Raspberry Pi camera running a simple time-lapse program and the Unicorn Hat I made a very simple camera with flash function.

The display shows you:

  • How many frames you have selected
  • The status of the flash (on or off)
  • A warning before the sequence starts
  • The frame number after each photo
  • Confirmation that the sequence has ended

The code for the project can be found here on github

The scrolling text will require the UnicornHat Scrolling text code from https://github.com/topshed/UnicornHatScroll

The code is customisable to vary the number of frames and the interval between each frame.

You must create a folder in your /home/pi directory called photo-output
I have set the hat brightness at 0.4 for both safety and power reasons.

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