Raspberry Pi Pokedex

Over the last few weeks I have seen my Philip age 12 really engage for the first time in a digital making project and see it through to completion.

Philip is a year 7 student from Birmingham, my son and an all-round really great kid!


Quite a few people have asked me which bits I did and which bits were his. Essentially I paid for the components and took him to the marker space to laser cut the case and the rest is his!

A very quick video of Philip (age 12) @raspberrypifoundation powered #pokemon #pokedex

A video posted by MrUkTechReviews (@uktechreviews) on

Over the six weeks school holidays Philip designed, built and programmed a Raspberry Pi powered Pokedex. A Pokedex is an electronic device for storing your Pokemon information in.

His project has two main functions.

- A directory of over 200 Pokemon photos which you recall by typing in their unique Pokemon number.
- A Pokemon Go style function which takes a photo with the Pi camera and then overlays a Pikachu with a transparent background.

The key components used in the construction:

- Raspberry Pi model A+
- An old car reversing monitor for the main display (composite output from the Pi)
- A Nokia 5110 phone screen for additional information
- A 4x4 membrane keypad
- A Raspberry Pi camera

The final project can be found here https://github.com/Flye001/Pokedex

The main code is multi10.py you will also need the libraries for the Nokia display and the keypad. You will also need to set the video output to composite.


Philip did a fantastic job of speaking about his Pokedex at the Cambridge Raspberry Jam in September 2016. He is such a shy boy so I was very proud to hear him speak.


Here is a video of Philip speaking about this project.


Another pot of Raspberry Jam in Birmingham

With Raspberry Jams, free CPD sessions and most recently Picademy, Birmingham is rapidly becoming a great place for the Raspberry Pi.

On Saturday 31st Martin O’Hanlon ran a very successful Raspberry Jam at the Google Digital Garage in the Library of Birmingham. 39 people came from a range of backgrounds and experience levels. Feedback as people were leaving was very positive and everyone said that they had a good afternoon.

The programme for the afternoon was simple but gave people an opportunity to try new things on the Raspberry Pi and to attend two workshops.

12:00 - Open
12:15 - 12:30 Welcome
12:30 - 13:00 Getting to know the Pi / show and tell / free flow
13:00 - 13:50 Workshop 1 - Minecraft coding with @ncscomputing
14:00 - 14:50 Workshop 2 - Physical computing with @mruktechreviews
15:00 - Close

The two workshops were run by @ncscomputing and myself @mruktechreviews which both were very well received.

A few photos from the day posted on twitter.

Martin welcoming everyone at the start of the afternoon

Minecraft workshop in full swing

Lots of exciting components to make disco lights

“And you connect the long leg to the left”

The 2nd Raspberry Jam at the Google Digital Garage in the Library of Birmingham will be on the 5th December from 12 - 3pm. You can sign up and book tickets here.

Do come along and support our local jam!


CamJam June 2015

Show and Tell at CamJam

Getting Philip up at 6am on a Saturday morning is never fun but it was definitely worth it for another great day in Cambridge at CamJam.

Packing the toolbox

Arriving at CamJam

Our “Show and tell” table


Time for Lunch

Astro-Pi competition ideas

Babbage is taken for a ride

A quick look at the observatory

It was a great day out showing off my projects. We took lots of photos with the Raspberry Pi Selfie Cam and there was lots of interest with my touch screen radio.


Birmingham Raspberry Jam

Birmingham Raspberry Jam


Today was the relaunch of the Birmingham Raspberry Jam held at KESH Academy in Birmingham. With 17 Raspberry Pis and a great space to work in we welcomed over 45 participants to the event. The day was organised by myself and Jack Wearden from Birmingham University.

The workshops

We delivered 4 workshops with a range of activities, these included:

  • Introduction to Minecraft Python programming.
  • An introduction to Python and Turtle programs
  • Connecting LEDs to the GPIO and programming a traffic light and disco light sequence
  • More advanced MInecraft programming (building a 3D house)

We had a really good day delivering the sessions and judging by the feedback the participants really enjoyed it too.

While True:print “woohoo!”

Looking forward to next time

Great day, thanks for all the hard work - we have learnt lots

Really enjoyed the Python coding

Very informative about Raspberry Pi. Thank you so much

It was great fun and I enjoyed the workshops. Thank You!

Was fun - next time I will bring my son!

Really got my kids interested in computing - thank you!

Brilliant - I really enjoyed it even Minecraft

Thank you for a fantastic day - the kids loved it, best wishes

It was fun to make patterns with the turtles

Children loved it, great to be able to let them see other children using the Pis

Fantastic setup today. Inspired to learn more. Thanks!



Covent Garden Raspberry Jam

Covent Garden Raspberry Jam Saturday 29th November 2014

To keep the Jam feeling lasting longer after the Birmingham Raspberry Jam on the 22nd November I am helping at the Covent Garden Raspberry Jam a week later on the 29th November.

Frank Thomas-Hockey who describes himself as “a Father and amateur hacker” is running a Jam at Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust, 17 Stukeley St on Saturday, 29 November 2014 from 14:00 to 17:00.

It looks like I will be running my favourite introduction to Minecraft coding workshop.

If you would like a ticket then get them here!