PiWars at Cambridge TV

I can’t believe it is just about a month since we are at PiWars and it was a really great day!

Adam from Cambridge TV has made a great video from PiWars which went live today here


You can also check out more of Cambridge TV at their vimeo page here

While you are here also check out their homepage here

If you would like even more PiWars do have a look at my YouTube videos.

Re-live the excitement of Pi-Noon

PiWars 2015 - the extended version

PiWars 2015 - the highlights




We had a really great day at Cambridge yesterday at Pi Wars. I must say a really huge thank you to Mike and Tim for organising such a great experience and for everyone who entered a robot, showed a robot, exhibited and generally helped on the day.

The day was full of fun, games and challenges and it was really great to see all the effort and time which had gone into building and programming the robots.