KESH Pi Club - 27th June

KESH Raspberry Pi Club - session 4

Session Plan

3.10 Welcome and gingerbread men!

3.20 Minecraft quick build challenge (with prizes)

3.40 Raspberry Pi traffic light program

- Connecting 3 LEDs to the Raspberry Pi
- Tinkering with the code

4.00 Badges and stickers

stickers 2


Minecraft Pi club - first session

After much excitement we had our first Minecraft Raspberry Pi session after school today.

It was a great deal of fun and all the students who came had a really great time and the feedback was extremely positive.

During the session we

  • Looked at what a Raspberry Pi is and experienced a first boot
  • Learned how to log into the Pi and start a windows environment
  • Started Minecraft and had a play
  • Learnt how we can write code into the MInecraft API
  • Wrote our first program and displayed chat messages on MInecraft

You can download the worksheet we used here