Birthday Honours

I woke up to some really exciting news on Twitter.

Eben Upton the father of the Raspberry Pi (and all round lovely guy) has been awarded a CBE in the Birthday Honours list.

A huge congratulations to Eben and all the people at the Foundation.

Well done!



When Philip met Liz and Eben

When Philip met Eben and Liz Upton .....

Whilst at CamJam (PiWars) Philip found himself sat next to two Pi Celebrities - none other than Eben and Liz Upton. We have met Liz a couple of times before at events but never Eben.

During the presentations I quietly told Philip that he was sat next to the inventor of the Raspberry Pi. I’m not sure he believed me and it wasn’t until Liz and Eben presented a prize that Philip really believed me!

At the end of the afternoon we asked if we could get a photo and here it is!


There is a funny story attached to this photo but to save Liz’s blushes I won’t share it here!