Can tech get you fit?

Can technology get you fit?

I have to start this with a confession. I am overweight. After the Easter holidays I got on the scales and it worryingly said I was just over 15 stone (about 210 pounds) which isn’t great. I would love to join a gym and do more exercise but working from 7am - 5pm and then 7pm - 10pm each work day doesn’t really leave much time left.

So after seeing some of the wearable tech and fitness apps available I decided to turn to tech to see if it could help me lose some weight. The biggest two issues for me would be finding time in my daily schedule to ‘do exercise’ and something to keep me motivated. I was quite convinced that the use of an app / device would definitely help with the motivation as it would give me an excuse to play with tech!

In the end I settled on the Fitbit One wireless activity monitor. I have written a review and unboxing

Basically the One would give me both a daily measure of my activity (steps done, distance covered, calories burnt) along with a detailed record of my food intake (via the app). I first wanted to know if I was actually doing any exercise at school while I walk around the classroom and overall was I balancing my energy intake.

I was actually quite surprised with the amount of walking I was doing - on a typical day I was walking in excess of 10,000 steps (which is my daily target). With a real time measure of the steps covered on the device and on the app I was able to set myself little goals of trying to improve it each day.

Counting calories came as a massive shock to me. I know and understand the theory quite well, as an adult I need about 2000 calories per day but I was not prepared for the number of calories in many of the foods I enjoy and love. Logging each of the foods eaten throughout the day has been a real motivation for me. Seeing the number of calories eaten displayed in real time as a graphic with the number available left was really encouraging. I like the encouraging notifications when mile stones are reached throughout the day and felt quite bad when I had exceeded my recommended intake on one day! The app does hold you to account which is definitely good for motivation.

The quality of analytic data from the device and app is really helpful and again I have found this to be really motivating.

Fitbit5 Fitbit2

Fitbit4 Fitbit6

Fitbit7 Fitbit8

The Fitbit One monitor and app are a really great way to start the journey of weight loss. I have found the motivation alone really helpful. I am now down almost half a stone which is great and I am starting to think about food in a different way. If like me, you want to start on the journey of improving your fitness and want to lose some weight this is a great way to start. According to a stat I found online just now 60% of people who make a resolution to lose weight generally give-up within 10 weeks. I know there are loads of different reasons for this but I am sure that motivation is a big factor. I feel motivated to lose weight and although I understand clearly the health benefits my primary motivation is coming from the graphs on my app.

I will keep you posted on how this journey goes!

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