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You may have noticed that things have gone a little quiet here at the moment as I spend time developing content to our new sister blog

Don’t worry, this is only a short break while I write up a backlog of nearly 30 posts!


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Holiday tech

My Holiday tech list

I will be heading off to Disney World in Florida during the summer holiday and have been planing the trip for about a year. We probably won’t be going back any time soon so I really want to make sure that I capture as many memories as I can.

Being an avid film maker and photographer I want to get plenty of content but I also don’t want to spend the two weeks watching all the action through a tiny screen.

Florida tech.001

So my tech list is ....

1. iPad mini 2

The iPad will be my main device whilst away. It is crammed with videos and productivity apps. I am hoping to be able to do podcast editing whilst away using Garage Band.

2. Lots of SD cards and memory

You really can’t have enough blank media for capturing all those moments. I am sure that I will be buying more while I am away!

3. Canon EOS70D DSLR with 18-55mm lens

The EOS70D is my main camera for video recording when I am at home, although my main use while away will be photography. I love the 70D as it is the perfect mid point between a consumer and professional camera body.

4. Lots of GoPro mounts, straps and fixings

I intend to try and get as much first person POV ride footage as possible so I am bringing a chest-mount, hand grip and head-mount for the GoPro.

5. GoPro Hero 3

Where as I will be using the DSLR for mainly photography, I plan on capturing lots of video with the Hero3. I appreciate that I will be sacrificing audio quality but it does mean also that I won’t be spending the whole holiday looking through a tiny camera screen.

6. Michron time-lapse controller for DSLR

I would love to take some time-lapse photos of crowds and parades, so I am taking along the Michron time-lapse controller for the Canon. It is programmed with an iPhone app via the headphone socket and connects to the remote socket on the camera.

7. Cocoon GridIt

I absolutely love this simple, yet elegant solution to storing all those annoying cables etc.

8. Sennheiser Clip Mic Digital

The Clip Mic Digital is a tie-clip style digital mic for iOS which I plan to use to record some audio podcasts during the holiday.

9. Sennheiser OCX686G Headphones

I would love to take my Momentum headphones on holiday, but they are just too big so instead I am taking a pair of the Sennheiser OCX686G sports headphones instead. These are very light, very comfortable and provide excellent audio quality.

Issue using Apple photos in other apps

Having Trouble finding your Photos library in other applications?

I have just moved all my photos from iPhoto over to the new photos app.

One of the features I have heavily used with my Mac is the ability to share your photos system wide across a range of apps.

By default you now need to select a library and assign it as a System Photo Library.

I discovered this when I couldn’t access my photos in Final Cut Pro X even though the Photos app was open on my desktop.


1. Open up Photos

2. Select Preferences from the Photos main menu

3. Under the General tab select “Use as System Photo Library


So why didn't I buy an Apple watch

Why didn’t I buy an Apple watch?

In May 2013 I blogged about the rumoured Apple watch, two years later and people now have them sitting on their wrists.


For the last couple of years I have been thinking about how exciting it would be to have an Apple watch and as time went on I got more excited about saving up for one and buying one.

Back in March it was my 40th Birthday and family members very kindly gave me money as gifts. At this point I was still very excited about buying the Apple watch. I even got as far as looking at all the specs and prices.

In the end I didn’t buy one....

I bought a Mac Mini which will become my new video editing and photo storage device.

So why didn’t I buy the one device I have been looking forward to for nearly two years?

I think the Apple watch is beautiful and would make an excellent companion to my iPhone 6. It certainly fits into my Apple ecosystem and I can easily see it being used productively every day.

Why didn’t I buy one?

I am not opposed to being an early adopter, I love backing products on Kickstarter and whilst being an early adopter can have problems it does bring on device envy.

In the end I didn’t buy one because I can’t share it with my family. I like tech that many people can use and benefit from, especially when it has a big price tag. Justifying the price (which I don’t think is too much for what it does) would be very difficult when I am the only person who would use it and benefit from it.

Will I ever buy one?

At this moment with the price over £400 probably not.


Camera Memory Card Tips

Do you look after your memory card in your camera?

SD card

I have a 32GB SD card in my DSLR which is almost full. I was recently asked by a friend why I never delete photos as I take them to free up space for more pictures.

There are a couple of reasons why I don’t do this.

Firstly, it is not always easy to fully appreciate the quality of a photo when you are looking at it on a camera screen, particularly if you are out in bright light. It is always best to import your photos into your photo management software and then delete the ones you don’t want. For very special events and trips I always take a complete backup of the SD card before I import and delete anything. You never know what random thought or memory might be stirred by a photo, even if it is not the best quality.

Secondly, SD cards can easily suffer from fragmentation issues when photos are deleted. Almost every photo will have a different file size and each time a picture is deleted it will leave a little gap which eventually will slow down to read-write time of the camera. It is much better to format the SD card once you have backed up and imported the images you want. Whilst this memory is solid-sate so there is no physical moving of heads over a hard drive I think this is definitely good practice. If you google this problem you will see comments from both sides of the argument but what ever you decide it must be good to format your cards periodically.

I was thinking about a witty slogan to end this blog and this was the best I could come up with.

1/1000 of a second to take a photo, 5 seconds to delete a photo and a life time to regret it!